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From Wounds To Wholeness


Childhood traumas have a sneaky way of creeping into our adulthood. We don’t always recognize how our early life experiences shape our future, but their impact cannot be ignored. If you find that your attitude and choices in life have you feeling worthless, isolated, or imprisoned, these are red flags that you need to take time to love yourself more!

You are valuable and your desire to be loved and appreciated is not unreasonable. Being the black sheep of the family can make you feel like your contribution to the world is of no effect. I assure you, journeying through this book with me will help you identify the root causes of your struggles, better your relationships, life, and mindset by facing your past and becoming the GIANT that you are.

You are more than a conqueror and the power that you have inside is waiting to be released. Bring healing to the areas that make you feel worthless, isolated, or imprisoned by reading From Wounds to Wholeness authored by Kemi Itayemi.